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Designed To Tidy

Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant & happy life. 

 -Marie Kondo

Home Decor

 Professional Home Organizing Service

        Designed to Tidy is a professional service that helps individuals declutter and organize their luxury living spaces. We work with clients to assess their needs, develop a customized plan, implement organizational systems, and teach sustainable habits to maintain a tidy and functional home. These services can include reorganizing furniture, creating storage solutions, developing new routines and habits, and maximizing the use of space. The primary benefit of using Designed To Tidy service is that it can reduce stress and anxiety related to clutter and disorganization. In creating a more functional home, clients can improve their quality of life, save time and money and bring joy, peace and serenity to their environment.

It's the Designed To Tidy way!


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Designed to tidy is absolutely amazing, she provided First Class service that exceeded my expectations. Not only did she help me prepare for a purge in a record amount of time, she also taught me life-long principles to create an incredibly organized space!


"This was the service that I never knew I needed. It made me so happy to walk into my color coded closet and be able to know exactly where everything was. Highly recommend Designed to tidy. Ellie is efficient, thoughtful, and absolutely amazing.

Very easy to work with and I can’t wait to have them back to fix the rest of my life. ”


“Designed To Tidy is wonderful! Excellent service. Professional and their work exceeded my expectations! Highly Recommend.”


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